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“Un País Mágico”, a TVE1 program, travels to Hondarribia to discover the secrets of the legendary castle of San Telmo, also known as Castle of the Pirates, visit the church where in 1660 the marriage by proxy of María Teresa of Austria and the Sun King was celebrated, and stops at the mythical places of its historic Calle Mayor.

Miguel de Lucas surprises us with a magic game in the purest buccaneer style, taking advantage of the rich gastronomy of the town so that the cards make us believe in the impossible and the magician Asier Kidam makes us dream of a game where the sea plays a role protagonist.

Discover the fishing tradition in its legendary Barrio de la Marina, cradle of great sailors and, finally, cook a typical dish of the rich gastronomy of Hondarribia. The time has come to immerse ourselves in the legendary history of watchmen and defenders of a city that maintains its essence and character throughout the centuries.